I was asked what my Course Handicap™ is; How do I figure my Course Handicap and what is this concept?

Your Handicap Index is a generic standard that is not tied to any course or tees. In order to get the right value for a particular day, you need to convert the Handicap Index into what is called a Course Handicap for playing purposes each time you play. This is the number of strokes needed to play down to the par of the tees you are playing. There are many ways to determine your Course Handicap for the tees you will be playing, but you will need the Course Rating, Slope Rating and par for those tees. There are often charts near golf course computers used for score posting; those same computers will convert your Index after you have identified yourself under “My Handicap Information”; if you use the GHIN Mobile App chose the Course Handicap Calculator; or use ghin.com.

Visit the SCGA WHS hub here if you want to know more about Course Handicaps.