How do I get a Handicap Index®?

Step 1: Join an SCGA golf club! It’s fast and easy if you go here. 

Step 2: Once you join, the SCGA will send you your own Handicap ID (GHIN number). This number is unique to you and allows you to “post scores” to your individual golfer account. You can post your scores by using or the GHIN Mobile App on your mobile phone. You’ll need to post scores that add up to 54 holes in total in order to establish your Handicap Index, which will be revised/established the day after you reach this threshold. Look on your mobile phone or to see your updated Handicap Index.

Please note: Posted rounds are NOT limited to rounds played with your golf club; you can post rounds from any round at any golf course, with any group of golfers. For a simple step-by-step process with video, check out our get started guide.