I can’t log in to GHIN.com or the GHIN Mobile app.

All SCGA members are required to have a Digital Profile to access the GHIN Mobile App or GHIN.com.

If you have a Digital Profile and are having trouble logging in, please choose the Forgot Login Information link on GHIN.com or the GHIN Mobile App. This will position you to receive an email allowing for reset of the password. 

If you don't have a Digital Profile, start the creation process at GHIN.com or the GHIN Mobile App. You will need to verify two of three things: GHIN Number, Last Name or email address.

Upon verification you will receive an email from GHINProfile@usga.org that will position you to complete the process. If the verification won't confirm your email address or indicates it is sending it to an email address you no longer use, you will need to have your club or the SCGA update the email address to move forward with the Digital Profile process.