GHIN Mobile App Hole-by-Hole Score Posting Instructions:

When posting a Hole-by-Hole Score with Stats, golfers will be required to fill in their round step up

  • Course Played
  • Number of Holes (9 or 18)
  • Tees Played
  • Type of Round (Home, Away, Competition)
  • Starting Hole


Golfers then will have the ability to enter their Hole-by-Hole Score.  Each hole golfers will enter the following stats:

  • Total Strokes for the hole
  • Number of Putts
  • Green in Regulation (yes/no)
  • Fairway Hit (yes/no)
    • If no, indicate whether miss was left, right, short, long


Golfers will enter these stats for the entirety of their round (9 or 18 holes).  After filling out the entire round, they will be met with a 'Review' page prior to posting:


Once a golfer is satisfied with their round and corresponding stats, they select 'Post Score'.  After posting, golfers will be greeted with a Round Summary page: